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Warehouse Time Standards 

Quick & Easy Data for Warehouse Design & Benchmarking 

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Knowing the time required to pick orders is essential when designing a warehouse or Distribution Center (DC). Once the warehouse is operational, picking times help with staff planning, employee performance evaluation, scheduling and general benchmarking.

But warehouse time standards are not easy to develop.  Many factors affect the time for picking and there is usually wide variation between orders. Traditional stopwatch studies are rarely feasible and pre-determined time systems such as MTM are only feasible when combined with elaborate Warehouse Management Systems.

For many purposes, however, an average pick time is adequate. Moreover, reasonably accurate averages can be obtained by considering only a few of the many factors involved.

Our new pages on Warehouse Picking Time Standards offer tables of average pick times for various storage heights, equipment and sizes of warehouse. The tables are very easy to use and available as a free download. They can help with design, budgeting and benchmarking.

We can assist your warehouse design, redesign or trouble-shooting. Please give us a call.

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