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Books & Videos

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For ten years the Strategos website has been a popular resource for Lean practitioners. While the content was helpful formatting was a mish-mash and navigation was, to put it mildly, difficult. A consequence, I suppose, of engineers dabbling in the graphic arts.

But, the new website is finally here. We hope you like it.

Here are several pages that are special in one way or another. Each offers a perspective or aspect of Lean that is missing from most of the literature. You may have overlooked these pages in the old website's navigation mess:

  • Mixed Model Production—The real reason for mixed model production along with some easier alternatives that can often serve the same purpose– often with better results.
  • Jidoka & Autonomation—Ohno called it one of the pillars of TPS but it gets little attention elswhere. Here is what it means, what it does and how it encourages "The Kaizen Mind."
  • Job Shop Lean—Jobs shops are not Toyota but Lean still applies. It only means that certain techniques are done differently. Workcells are the most prominent example. Properly designed cells have greater benefits in a job shop than they have in high-volume operations.
  • Workcell Design—Workcells appear simple but they are actually complex, delicate and subtle socio-technical systems. This article shows how to design cells from fundamental data and considerations.
  • A Bomber an Hour—The story of Charles E. Sorensen, Ford Motor Company and the Willow Run Bomber Plant. How Sorensen used Lean principles to build twenty-five B-24 Liberators every day.
  • The Great Nuclear Fizzle—Wickham Skinner's classic case study in Manufacturing Strategy. It tells how and why Babcock & Wilcox once lost a fortune, ruined their reputation and created competitors in a market they had previously owned outright.
  • The Focused Factory—Another of Skinner's important concepts-- big in Japan, mostly ignored in the West.

We hope you find the new website even more useful than the old version and look forward to your comments.

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee


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