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24 FEB 2010                www.strategosinc.com

Lean Manufacturing Video

General Alexander Haig, Quarterman Lee & Dan Miklovic

A Televised Discussion

     The recent passing of General Alexander Haig reminded me of an appearance I had on his television program. It was for a discussion of Lean Manufacturing and its origins. The program was broadcast by many PBS stations and syndicated on cable.

     We have made this Lean Manufacturing segment of "World Business Review" available on YouTube. It is a concise summary of Lean and may be useful for those who are new to Lean or who want to introduce the concepts to others.

     The video is short (17 minutes), free and available in high definition at:(Lean Video Part 1)   (Lean Video Part 2)

     On a more personal note, the experience at World Business Review was a fascinating and enjoyable peek inside the world of media. I also found General Haig to be a very likable, low-key and gracious person both on and off camera--quite unlike his depiction in the press. When he said that his "I am in control" remark was an unfortunate word choice under high pressure, it was quite believable.


Quarterman Lee



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