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Value Stream & Process Mapping

19 July 2006                www.strategosinc.com

Value Stream & Process Mapping

How To Do It

What To Do With It

Value Stream Mapping is part of the growing panoply of tools and techniques for Lean Manufacturing. It joins the much older Process Mapping (or charting) as a method for visualizing workflow

The "How to do it" of mapping workflow is fairly straightforward.  The more difficult and more important issue is "What to do with it"-- i.e., How to translate insights from mapping into an effective Manufacturing Strategy. And, further, how to develop effective implementation plans.

There is much more information on our web pages: Value Stream and Process Mapping addresses the first issue. Lean Implementation addresses the second. All of the information on our web pages and much more is in my new book, "The Strategos Guide To Value Stream & Process Mapping".

Best Regards, 

Quarterman Lee



New Book Now Available

"The Strategos Guide To Value Stream and Process Mapping"

Over 150 pages address a step-by-step framework, facilitation, strategy development and many other topics.  

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