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Thus, then, in Strategy everything is very simple, but not on that account very easy.

--Carl von Clauswitz    



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11 May 2005                       www.strategosinc.com

Simple But Not Easy

Implementing Lean

Simplicity is a recurring theme in Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. Lean means:

Carl von Clauswitz, one of the first strategic thinkers pointed out that simple does not mean easy. When first developing their system, Toyota was quite open about showing it off. They knew the difficulties and doubted that competitors could imitate it. This has often proven true. 

The implementation pages on our website provide insight (but not a formula) for a  successful implementation. They portray Lean Manufacturing's systemic nature, provide a Mental Model, present an approach to strategy, and help develop action plans. The topics include:

  • A Mental Model

  • Selecting Critical Elements

  • Consolidating The Gains

  • Continuous Improvement

  • A Framework of Phases

  • Precedents and Priorities

  • Action Planning

  • The Role Pilot Projects

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