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Taiichi Ohno




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Norman Bodek's Interview

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Pioneers of Lean Manufacturing

Taiichi Ohno & Dr. Shigeo Shingo

With Norman Bodek

Taiichi Ohno and Shigeo Shingo were the primary developers of Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. Shingo was the thinker while Ohno had the authority and determination. "They were both tigers," says Norman Bodek. In a recent interview with us, Norman gives fascinating glimpses into their very different personalities and how the Toyota Production System developed. There are many lessons here.

Norman's latest book, Kaikaku, weaves together his own experiences in Japan with key personalities and the essence of Lean Manufacturing. Norman was instrumental in discovering these developments within the somewhat insular Japanese society. He translated and published the books of Shingo, Ohno, Monden and other Japanese thinkers. Norman has also led more than 50 study missions.

Our upcoming issue is on Capacity, Inventory and Variability. It uses queuing theory and simulation to address some very practical plant-floor issues. See you then.

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