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19 November 2003                       www.strategosinc.com

Charisma In Manufacturing?

This must be a joke!

The idea is sort of funny; these two words do not seem to fit together. However, Charismatic Leadership is a factor in many human endeavors. We've all seen them. Those electrifying few who cast a spell, stay with us, and move us. They are the Charismatic Leaders.

In war, politics, religion and even Lean Manufacturing, personal charisma often determines the outcome. When I studied Engineering at Purdue, they didn't tell me about this stuff.

Our previous issue, "Shakespeare on Leadership" captured the interest of many readers. In response, I have expanded our Leadership Series to some 14 pages with several more in progress. Here is some of the material:

Charisma In Lean Manufacturing-- fundamental reasons why Lean Manufacturing demands Charismatic and Transformational Leadership.

Leadership Levels and Issues-- This and the linked pages explore leadership models and theory. It is a framework for evaluating your own leadership as well as that of others.

What Charismatic Leaders Do-- This is almost a step-by-step guide for action. Our downloadable article, "Tales of Twelve O'clock High", supplements this summary with a powerful example.

Tales of Twelve O'clock High-- Major Attila Bognar of the U.S. Army uses a classic film to illustrate principles of Charismatic Leadership. This is a great article, well worth the time it takes to read.

Shakespeare on Leadership-- An analysis of a great story from the Bard's pen-- how King Henry V grew into a leadership position he had inherited. He then led and inspired his small army to great victory at Agincourt.

Charismatic Leadership Self-Assessment-- a 10-question self-test that evaluates your inclination for Charismatic Leadership.

In the next few weeks, we expect to complete this series with a long-delayed "Hollywood and Leadership" page, additional downloads and links to some good sites. It's a lot to digest, so, we will also compile it in a printer-friendly pdf file . I will keep you posted as these come online.

Our next issue, "Lean Manufacturing Strategy, From imitation to innovation," sets the stage for a discussion of implementation. See you then.

Quarterman Lee


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