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Ten Steps to Effective Kanban

How to Design Kanban Systems 

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While kanban systems are quite simple in concept, their design may require significant analysis. In the most favorable situations, experienced guesswork will suffice; other situations may require insight into:

  • Demand Patterns

  • Capacity

  • Scheduling Practice

  • Setup Practice

  • Material Handling Methods

  • Lot sizing.

There are many descriptions of kanban in the literature. This latest article, Ten Steps to Effective Kanban, explores the intellectual process required to design these systems and presents a 10-step design procedure. This structured and systematic approach ensures a successful kanban design.

The article is based on a paper I presented at the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers ELSS conference in the fall of 2017. The presentation won honorable mention for "Best Paper."

We can assist you with training or facilitation of your lean efforts, including kanban. Please call or email me if you would like to talk further.

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