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A problem is some deviation from the desired, planned or expected state. Our plants and businesses are rife with problems:

  • Equipment Breakdowns

  • Employee Turnover

  • Administrative Errors

  • Schedule Failures

  • Quality Defects

  • ...and On and on.

Such problems cost money, reduce productivity and sap the energy of employees. While any one incident may be trivial, the cumulative effects are highly significant.

A3 Problem Solving addresses a wide variety of such problems. It is especially effective for those difficult, recurring problems that never really get resolved. And, it helps with the many small problems that rarely get management attention.

A3 uses teams to mobilize resources, training to give all employees intellectual tools and a system for keeping projects on track. The results are quite remarkable.

You can learn more about A3 Problem Solving on our new web page. We also offer training for your A3 teams. Call or email me if you would like to talk further.

Best Regards,

Quarterman Lee


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